My BFF is getting married! This one’s for you, Chloe.

by brookecbaxter

So one of my best friends and partner in crime is getting MARRIED next Saturday! Exciting, right?! Chloe and I grew up just 4 houses down from each other and toooore up the town of Las Vegas. We did every crazy thing under the hot LV sun and would travel across the entire town to hang out with cute boys when we were 16 and finally licensed drivers. You can only imagine how much fun we had AND how many hearts we broke. Sorry we’re not sorry?

But inevitably, 4 years later, the time came when she found the man that she absolutely adores and who absolutely adores her back, and they are the CUTEST! It’s such a great feeling for me to see my best friend so happy and join lives with such a fun-loving/good guy. And the fact that he has a cute brother doesn’t hurt, hehe.

To celebrate her final days as a non-married woman, our group of high school best friends went out on Friday night to the LV Strip. We had dinner and dessert at The Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas and then went back to a girlfriend’s house for games, gifts, and girl talk… Quite the combination, huh? And on Saturday evening, my mom and I hosted the bridal shower for the future Mrs. Ostler and it was SO fun! The food was unreal and everyone had a great time.

As far as the style goes… For Friday Night – The Bachelorette Party, I went with a little black dress with one large ruffle. This is my go-to dress. It’s easy and so comfy! Not to mention that I don’t have to worry about sucking in because the ruffle does all the work. Thanks ruffle! Love you! For the Bridal Shower, I went with this white, Greek-like maxi dress and an “all-to-the-side” hairstyle. I saw Christina Millian wear her hair like this on Fashion Police the night before, highly admired it, and I thought I’d try it out, soooo that’s what I did and I loved it! …Despite the mermaid and Greek goddess comments I got all evening. Hey, I’ll take it. Nonetheless, I loooove this white dress so much! It’s simple and sleek — WINNING!

Chloe (the bride-to-be) wore a one-sleeved lace dress for the Bachelorette party and THE cutest all black pant jumpsuit with a linked belt to the Bridal Shower. Serrrriously, this jumpsuit was THE cutest thing ever. In fact, I’m probably going to go get one this weekend. She was one HOT bachelorette!

So… without further adeui, here’s to you Chlover!! Love you! ENJOY!
PS) This post is going to double as my “Friend Fashionista Friday”

My Apparel:
Black Ruffle Dress: Forever 21
Nude/Leopard Ankle Wrap Shoes: Charming Charlie’s
Silver Earrings: Mom’s

White Maxi Dress: H&M
White Platform Heels: Jessica Simpson

Chloe’s Apparel:

One-sleeved Lace Dress: Forever 21
Black Bootie Heels: Forever 21

Black Pant Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Heels: Victoria’s Secret
Linked Belt: Saks Fifth Avenue

XOXO, Brooke